If you plan on selling your home in the New Year, there is no harm in starting the process as early as possible. You may prefer to make the most of the festive season, and that is perfectly acceptable, but many vendors benefit by gaining an advantage over the vendors who wait for spring to start the sales process.

It makes sense for people to look for a new home in January. The start of the New Year sees people make changes, determined to turn over a new leaf. There will be people who focus on their health and fitness, while other people look to improve their career or love-life. Of course, some people decide to buy a new home, and there are active and motivated buyers in winter.

The Boxing Day Bounce proves buyers are searching for homes

You’ll also find buyers begin the search process before the end of the year. Both Rightmove and Zoopla expect to experience the Boxing Day Bounce, where prospective buyers search for a new home in the time between Christmas and New Year’s Day. Previously, Rightmove have experienced a 228% increase in page views over this time, and Zoopla has informed agents to expect an increase in traffic and leads over this time.

Therefore, if you need to know buyers are active in winter, they are, and you can be confident about placing your home on the market. Of course, you need to connect with buyers, and if you want to enhance your chances of selling your home soon, you need to prepare your home for sale in the New Year.

Some of the most critical steps you should cover when preparing your home for sale include:

  • Arranging for a local estate agent to value your home, allowing you to enter the market with an accurate and realistic property price
  • Clean and declutter the property to a high standard
  • Know who the most likely buyer for your home is, and ensure the property is tailored to their needs and requirements
  • Remember the importance of ‘kerb appeal’ and creating a positive impression on potential buyers
  • Make sure you have staged photographs for your home, helping you stand out on social media, connecting you with interested buyers

A local agent helps you sell your home

If you are looking to sell your home, we believe support from a local agent makes a massive difference. The value of your property is about much more than the size and condition of your home. External factors in your local area affect property values, which is why you need a local agent to assess your home. We are happy to arrange a property valuation for you.

We are delighted to have received so many positive reviews from our clients, thankful for our help and service when selling their home. We know the local market, and the buyers, which means we help you connect with the people most interested in your home. If you need assistance in efficiently selling your home, please contact Stobart & Hurrell today, and we’ll be happy to help you.

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